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Wsdcam Wireless Light Switch

The remote Wireless light switch and receiver kit helps you control your Wireless lights from your phone or computer, with this kit, you can control up to three Wireless lights at the same time. The kit also includes a built-in phone app, which makes it effortless to keep track of your lights and recycle the light switch.

Wsdcam Wireless Light Switch Amazon

The Wireless light switch is a sterling alternative to reduce the in your home, this switch offers alexium-based remote switch that is choked on by a built-in filter that prevents tiring the switch also presents a low power limit and is compatible with most televisions. The remote Wireless light switch and receiver kit is a top-rated substitute to reduce power consumption and keep your device connected while you're not there to control it, the kit includes a remote and receiver that you can use to control your device from anywhere in the world. The Wireless light switch is a best-in-class substitute to add some light to your room without needing a powerwall, it uses miniusb plugins to communicate with other devices in your home, and you can even control some of them with your phone. This is a Wireless light switch that you can use to turn on/off your lights with just a few taps, the switch gives a small, round look-and-feel button on the front that you can use to first turn on the light, and then press to turn it off. The switch also extends a larger, circular, look-and-go button that can be used to turn the light on or off in full-time, the switch is produced from plastic and is about 1. 5" wide by 2, 5" long.