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Wireless Light Switch And Receiver Kit

This product is the perfect solution for your store - bringing the convenience of Wireless remote control light switches to your home or office! With this kit, you can have one switch working as the light switch And the other switch working as a receiver, making it easy to specify the type of light switch you need, the Kit also includes a complete set of packaging And technical support.

And Receiver Kit, Mini Remote Control Switch With

Thinkbee Wireless Light Switch and

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Dewenwils Wireless Light Switch Manual

The Wireless light switch is a great option for controlling lights in your home, this switch comes with a Kit that can control 100 lights from your home’s power outlet. The switch can also be attached to a mirror or other Wireless device to control with it, the Wireless light switch Kit is perfect for use your Wireless devices with just a few pieces of kit. The Kit includes a remote control for your Wireless device And a few bits of Kit to make our light switch thingy up yourself, you can of course also use this to control your light switches in your living room or bedroom. This is a great way to make your life easier And get more out of your Wireless devices, the Wireless light switch And Receiver Kit 100 ft rf range is perfect for those that want to be able to turn lights on And off with ease And quickly. The Kit includes a Wireless light switch And Receiver that are perfect for either homeowner or pet And can turn any light on or off, the Wireless light switch And Receiver Kit allows you to control your Wireless lights with your phone or computer. The Kit includes a light switch, receiver, And power cord, the Receiver can be used to control your Wireless lights from your computer or phone. The light switch can be used to turn your lights on And off, the Kit is easy to use And is a great way to keep your lights in your home better organized And organized.