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Vintage Brass Light Switch Covers

Our vintage brass outlet light switch covers are perfect for any edgy scene. Our stylish and sturdy covers are made of durable brass, and are available in many different styles to match your look. Myecommerce page is full of information on how to purchase your cover, how to order and delivery on a day of alain's death.

Brass Light Switch Plates

There are many different types of brass light switch plates available on the market, but this specific type is called a “nose” light switch plate. It is made to look like a nose and it is used to expose the turn-key switch. if you are looking for a light switch plate that will help you to select the right switch for your application, then this is the plate for you! if you’re looking for a plate that will help you to create a more finished look on your switch, then a brass light switch plate is the perfect choice!

Brass Light Switch Plate

This brass light switch cover is a great way to protect your switch from sun, salt and dirt. The cover is made of heavy brass and is heat resistant. It includes a double layer of protection against sun and dirt. this is a vintage brass light switch! It is an outlet plate cover for a national lock. It is from a shop in new orleans, the cover is longer and narrower than the genuine brass key light switch! this is a great opportunity to own a unique piece of art and add interest to your home space. The brass light switch covers will add a touch of luxury to your home space and add beauty to your lighting. And is covered in anti-vibration paint. The cover also includes a plate cover that protects the switch from being scratched or damaged.