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Sub Zero Light Switch

Our door light switch is a genuine part of the sub zero light switch line. We offer several version to match your specific sub zero refrigerator. Our switch is a must-have for your sub zero refrigerator!

Subzero Light Switch

The subzero light switch is a great piece of technology that can be used in your home to adjust the lighting in your home or office. This switch is very easy to use and can be placed in any position in your home or office to have a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Sub Zero 550 Light Switch

This is a replacement light switch for the sub zero 5014646 refrigerator. It replaces the original light switch. This switch is a 1-size-up version of the original light switch and is compatible with all sub zero refrigerator models. It is made of celodic acid resistant plastic and has a black anodized aluminum design. The sub zero 550 light switch is compatible with all standard kitchen window outlets and can be used in combination with the original light switch or this replacement switch. this is a part number for a refrigerator light switch. The part number is sub-zero 7004257 3060030 and the part number for this switch is 6ty030. This switch is for the sub-zero refrigerator. this is a new, stock oem light switch from 3060140. The switch is in the up position and will turn on your light on the first time you turn it on. To turn it off, or to, you can use the cone on the top. This switch is also the front position for your light. this is a replacement sub zero refrigerator light switch. It is 3-06-003-0 and it is a green light switch. It will turn on the refrigerator if you are on the side of the house.