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3/8-24 Brake Light Switch

Looking for a quality Brake light switch kit? Search no more than 3/8-24 Brake light switch kit, our kit includes a brass tee fitting and an 18 npt version. These switch models are practical for aftermarket dealers and customers.

Cheap 3/8-24 Brake Light Switch

This is an 38-24 banjo bolt switch, it is an 3-8 shift switch, and it is manufactured of metal. The switch is comfortable to the hand, and it gives a well-made design, the switch is goodridge's own 36-24 banjo switch, which means that it is the best of the best. This switch is fabricated of durable metal, and it extends a sturdy design, this switch is an enticing addition to each bike, and it makes the job of stapler easier than ever. This ks hydraulic Brake light switch provides a single bleed 38-24 chrome blade on it, it is located on the behind of the wheel and can be used to turn the Brake lights on or off. This is an 3/8-24 Brake light switch, it is a part of the banjo bolt group used on harley davidson bikes. It is moreover used on the chopper customs harley davidson bikes, it is a required item for these bikes and must be replaced every 000 miles. This is an 10 mm bolts keyed system that functions like a regular Brake light switch but with 3 bolts that fit in a central location, the 3 locations where the bolts should fit are: the navel the c priority the top of the neck the c priority the bottom of the neck. The keyed system includes 10 mm bolts that can be placed in any of the three locations, the keyed system comes with a plastic box that contains the bolts and an instruction booklet. The switch itself is very basic to use, just push the bolts into the locations they should go and press the button on the back of the box, the switch is a little heavy and the box is a little small, but it's still basic to use.